Below are links to files on topics you may not find on other websites
devoted to acupuncture.

Much of what is here comes from notes taken in classes either taught by
or based on the teachings of Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, a well-respected
teacher of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Yuen holds the distinction of being an 88th generation Taoist master
of the Jade Purity Yellow Emperor Lao-Tzu School (Yu Qing Huang Lao
Pai), and a 26th generation Taoist Master of the Complete Reality
Dragon Gate School (Quan Zhen Long men Pai).

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Practitioner Directory

If you are looking for a practitioner of Chinese Medicine who has studied
with Jeffrey Yuen – look no further! Check out the
Jeffrey Yuen Student

Diagnostic Skills of Acupuncture
Various Insights
5 Element-style Acupuncture
5-Element Chart
5-Element Command Points
5-Element Pulse Plotting Chart
Ghost Points
13 Ghost Points
Windows to the Sky/
Doorways to the Earth
Doorways to the Earth
Windows to the Sky
Emergency Acupuncture
Acupuncture in Emergency Situations
Song of 9 Needles to Return Yang
Shang Han Lun
Shang Han Lun Overview
Wen Bing
Wen Bing Overview
Tui Na
Abdominal Massage
Constipation/Diarrhea Treatment
Divergent Meridian Treatment
Hands-on Techniques to Release Wind and Open Sinews
Headache Massage
Luo Point and Vessel Massage
Self Massage
Windows to the Sky/Doorways to the Earth Massage
Work-out Massage
The Thirteen Techniques
Eight Extra Vessels
Eight Extra Vessel Overview
The following are Round-1 drafts of books to come
in the near or far future.

The 8-Extraordinary Vessels

The Luo Vessels

Shang Han Lun
Divergent Meridians
Divergent Meridian Indications (Charts)
The Earth School
Earth School Synopsis
Artemisia Vulgaris and the Art of Moxibustion